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Protect Your Home with Foundation Stabilization

Not all repairs require the same solution. Different soils and site conditions require different techniques. As a structural specialty contractor, Terratec is able to provide professional project assessment, planning, and services using a variety of current geotechnical technologies and applications.


Micro-piles are another engineered technique to underpin buildings and bridge foundations. In most installations, these piles are quickly and efficiently installed to depths in excess of 100 feet. A typical micro-pile is very cost-effective compared to many other traditional methods of underpinning a foundation. Terratec employs state-of-the-art equipment and methods to install many different types of micro-piles, including hollow bar and auger-cast types. Unlike other manufactured products, micro-piles are produced in the field, which requires steady attention to quality and varying site conditions, as well as volumes of experience to meet and overcome obstacles. The use of micro-piles is greatly preferred where larger design loads are required and where unknown site conditions are prevalent.

Push Piers

Push Piers are a hydraulically driven pier system, used to strengthen foundations by hydraulically pushing steel support pipes down through unstable soils to rock or load-bearing strata. Push Piers prevent further movement of foundation walls and slabs—permanently. 

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are clockwise rotated into the ground through the use of helical blades welded to a round, thick-walled pipe shaft. Extensions are added to the lead section until the desired pier depth and installation pressure is achieved. Once the helical pier is in place, pier caps or pier brackets specifically designed for the foundation material and application are installed. This proven design and application provides considerably more lateral strength and stability than many other designs and has been shown to support structures in most soil conditions. Helical piers can be used for stabilizing foundations and slabs built on questionable soil, as well as used for seismic protection and tieback anchoring.

Retaining Wall Repair and Rebuild

Has your retaining wall already experienced damage? Many times, retaining walls will fail due to frost heave damage. This can occur when the water around the wall freezes and expands, pushing the wall over. No matter what type of failure your retaining wall has experienced, Terratec has a solution to fix it or we can install a new stable retaining wall with a lifetime warranty.