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Wall & Earth
Anchoring Tiebacks

Protect Your Home with
Wall & Earth Anchoring Tiebacks

Terratec offers various wall and earth anchoring tieback systems specifically designed for earth retention, providing additional stability on geotechnical and remedial projects. When additional support is required for retaining walls, excavations, abutments, structures, and other support systems, mechanical and grouted anchors offer an effective reinforcement solution. Designed with many different factors in mind, solutions are customized to meet exact project requirements. Terratec follows a strict testing and lock-off procedure design to ensure performance levels above specifications.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers like guy wires for radio, power, and phone towers, use helical shaped screw ties as a tieback into earth slopes or vertical excavations. The helical piers are rotated into the soil in a clockwise direction until the design torque is achieved. There is a direct correlation of torque to pull-out capacity in each installed pier. In essence, each pier is load tested as it is installed.

Blade Rotation Tiebacks

Blade Rotation Tiebacks consist of a flat blade connected to a high strength wire rope or steel rod which is normally air driven into the soil. Once the design depth is reached, the wire rope or steel rod is hydraulically pulled and load tested for design capacity. It is then mechanically connected to a flat plate. Blade rotation tiebacks can be an inexpensive solution to an earth anchor problem; however, they do not have the higher capacities of the other tieback systems.

Soil Anchors/Nails

Soil Anchors/Nails are constructed by drilling and injecting grout into the soil in order to develop the soil friction required to resist pullout forces. These anchors/nails are constructed using many different techniques and are only dissimilar to micro-piles in that they are installed along the horizontal axis and are primarily designed for the development of soil friction, with no end bearing design element included.

Concrete “Dead Men”

Concrete “Dead Men” is another method of installing a tieback system that has been used for many years. This particular technology normally involves the construction of a large reinforced concrete “dead man” with wire rope attached and covered by lifts of compacted soil. The construction can be repeated for as many lifts necessary to complete, for example, a retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Repair and Rebuild

Has your retaining wall already experienced damage? Many times, retaining walls will fail due to frost heave damage. This can occur when the water around the wall freezes and expands, pushing the wall over. No matter what type of failure your retaining wall has experienced, Terratec has a solution to fix it or we can install a new stable retaining wall with a lifetime warranty.