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Slab Jacking

Protect Your Home with Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is a pressure grouting technique used to lift and stabilize sunken slabs of concrete. Chemical and cementitious grouts are typically injected beneath the slab through small diameter holes drilled through the concrete. Terratec is able to provide professional project assessment, planning, and services using slab jacking with pressure grout, hydraulically driven piers, or a combination of both techniques.

Chemical Slab Jacking

Chemical Slab Jacking utilizes an expansive polyurethane chemical grout. This process allows fast loading of the slab and typically less than replacing the concrete. This process lifts the slab and strengthens the soil to prevent further movement.  Please ask your inspection specialist for warranties offered with this product. 

Cementitious Slab Jacking 

Cementitious Slab Jacking is dependent on the pressure of the pump to “lift” the slab back into place. After the lift is achieved, the grout injection hole is quickly plugged. The cementitious grout is normally allowed a minimum of 24 hours to gain sufficient strength to hold the slab in place before vehicular traffic or other heavy loading is allowed.