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& Water Intrusion

Protect your home with Crawlspace Encapsulation

Like basements, crawl spaces have a lot of issues relating to flooding and leaking. Water in the soil in and around a property will eventually work its way inside causing rot, mildew, mold, and odors in the space. The problem is this air rises and enters your home causing humidity levels to rise and air to become stagnant. It can potentially affect the air you and your family breathe. If this is not corrected it will damage the foundation and wood components in the structure. Insulation will become saturated with moisture and fall to the ground driving up cooling and heating costs.


What causes a crawl space to become wet and flooded? The answer is the soil your foundation is built on has water retention issues and is not stable. This could be from heavy rains or storm water, water vapor in the air, groundwater, or a combination of these. This is your top layer of soil.  Depending on the amount of clay, sand and organic material in your soil, its unique composition can cause a variety of problems to your foundation over an extended period of wet/dry, hot, or cold conditions. If the soil is too dry, it shrinks and creates voids where your foundation will settle. If the soil is too wet, it will get soft and cannot bear the heavy load of your foundation and it will sink.

If soil freezes, it expands and heaves the foundation upwards. All these soil conditions will affect your foundation and subsequently your crawlspace causing it to flood and become saturated, potentially leading to high costs to repair your foundation.

If your crawl space is wet or flooded, call us or click on “Schedule an Inspection” and let a Terratec experienced inspector take a look for free and offer the best advice on how to proceed.

Signs You May Need Crawlspace Encapsulation

Insulation has become soaked and is falling away from the ceiling

Your crawl space is wet after heavy rains

Mold and Mildew have formed

Your home is humid and the air feels stagnant

Mildew odors invade your home 

The structural wood is wet 

Floor Support Systems

Bowing sagging floors, cracks in drywall, bouncy floors are all signs of improperly supported floor framing. Terratec can permanently solve these problems with our GeoJack Floor Support System.

Vapor Barriers

High soil moisture content can lead to water vapors creating high wood moisture content. This will eventually lead to rotten wood. In most cases, a simple vapor barrier can solve this problem.

Crawlspace Drainage Systems

Water is the enemy of every crawlspace, which is especially problematic in our humid climate.  Rotten wood, foundation settlement, mold/mildew, and insects are all caused by crawlspace water intrusion.  Terratec uses our design expertise to address each drain issue in a specific manner rather than a “one size fits all” approach.


In some cases, a vapor barrier is just not enough to solve elevated wood moisture content. Terratec’s encapsulation system will completely seal your crawlspace, providing an effective barrier from outside moisture while maintaining a safe wood moisture content.

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