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“This company was the last of 3 other companies I called to get estimates on what I thought was a failing foundation. The previous estimates I received were $27,000, $25,000, and $10,000. The representative walked my house, showed me all the measurements and my house at its worst point was 3 inch difference in one corner. (my house was built in 51). We then went to the underside of the house where I was told my joists were at 65% moisture and rotten. The joists are not only not rotten, but are covered in creosote and were at 12% moisture. I was tossing and turning for 2 weeks trying to figure out how to come up with 27,000 (did not include the fact that they were going to tear out all my hardwood floors, only for me to replace on my dime) and my foundation was FINE!!!! I need a new vapor barrier and that is all. Thank you for being such an honest company and shame on the other 3 companies!”

– Hilary M.

“I can attest to how prompt they were and how dependable the owner/management is. When I needed the work done, they were there. When I had questions, they were there. Great company and great people.”

– Peter Z.

“You are the best in town by far! Extremely reliable. I will never recommend anyone else! Thank you for your great service to all my clients!”

– Mary Morgan Kerlagon, JP & Associates Realtors, Magnolia Group

“I hired Terratec based on a referral. I was so happy when not only were they the least expensive, they came in under budget! Plus, a lifetime warranty! I would highly recommend!”

– John H.

“Excellent work and service!!  Highly recommend! 100%”

– Emily H.

“You all did a great job for us!! The 1000 year flood made our house move, felt like the front corner fell off! Terratec came, fixed it all in 3 days!! Would highly recommend this company!! Fast, efficient, and on budget even when the job was bigger than everyone thought.”

– Sheila V.